Many people are confused by hourly charges or oil change and brake specials that sound too good to be true. In order to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, simply remember this: quality parts and skilled repair and maintenance are always your best choice. Original equipment parts are our specialty, providing you with the reliability and excellence that your car deserves. You may get a cheaper quote or receive a coupon for a loss-leader or bait-and-switch special to get you in the door somewhere else, but you will be sacrificing the quality and the skillful training that gets it done properly. We save you money by eliminating the guesswork and the unnecessary repairs that cost you needless dollars. We use our targeted repair strategy to address your concerns without wasting your time and money. We have never advertised loss-leader specials. And we will never mislead you to believe that you can get a service for one price, get you in the door, then add on extra charges, upgrades, taxes and fees. The price we quote is the “out the door” price for the operation you are requesting, using the proper products for your vehicle. Straight-forward and honest!
  • Targeted Repairs
  • Quality Parts
  • Superb Service
  • Skilled Repairs
Hourly Rate: $90 (except Rolls-Royce, Maybach, Maserati, Ferrari, and Bentley)
Shop around and you will find that Car Fixer’s hourly rate of $90/HR is among the lowest in town, especially among import specialists. Even the discount “chain stores” like Pep Boys, Firestone, Tire Works and Big-O ALL have a higher labor rate than ours. CarFixr has not raised our hourly rate since in an effort to assist our customers with rising costs of repair, and we quote labor times from a nationally recognized labor guide. We always make every effort to quote to entire job as if we were performing the repair on our own vehicle. For those who think $90 per hour is still too high a rate to pay for certified, DMV licensed, insured, registered, bonded, professional service, we would encourage you to shop around, and we will be here again when you decide to choose professionalism and honesty.