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VW Wiring Diagram
VW Wiring Diagram

Car Electrical Service and Repairs – Las Vegas, NV

Can your guy who calls himself a mechanic even read a wiring diagram?? You might want to check. Because the most dreaded or worrisome vehicle failure for the typical vehicle owner may very well be electrical problems and electrical failures with their vehicle. The questions on the tip of your tongue are: What is it? How much does it cost? How dangerous is it? Will it leave me stranded?

At CarFixr, we take all that stress away. When you bring in your auto for electrical repairs, you can rest assured, knowing that the Las Vegas Ca Fixer has the knowledge and the ability to properly diagnose and repair your electrical problems. We carry an extensive line of electrical parts to repair import vehicles. We do not charge a higher rate for electrical repairs and our heightened skill level keeps the time spent on your car to a minimum. Many times, all that is needed is for us to verify a pattern failure with which we already very familiar.

We have the right equipment and the right information to repair your problem without guessing as to what the problem may be, whether it be BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Land-Rover, Jaguar, or any of the other car lines we service . Don’t spend your hard-earned money on those who want to replace part after part and see if it works. Get definite results at CarFixr. WE FIX CARS.

Brilliant humans built your car; brilliant humans can fix it. At CarFixr, we fix brilliant cars.

Come find out how we can help. We are located at 2912 S. Highland Dr. Ste H, Las Vegas, NV 89109. Call (702) 608-4227 today and get it FIXED finally.


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